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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orphanage at Chinmayaranyam

Located near : Tirupati, India.


Pictures of HELP-sponsored children at Chinmayaranyam

The orphanage is located in a small village "Chinamyaranyam", about 30 miles from Tirupati, India. Chinmayaranyam is registered with the Government of India as a charitable, not for profit organization.

As the name indicates the orphanage is in real wilderness. The orphanage has close to 70 orphan children and in dire need of monetary support. The orphanage is located in the premises of an ashram (monastery). The ashram is affiliated with Chinmaya Mission and was initiated by Swamini Sarada Priyananda, and is currently managed by Swamini Sheelananda. She is a selfless, highly dedicated, principled, and disciplined person leading the monastery.

The children are cared for by the brahmacharis and brahmacharinies who are at the monastery for religious training. The children go to regular school, which is managed by the monastery. The school houses up to 10th grade and follows the State Government sponsored curriculum. There is a small hospital (funded by AAPI) to cater the health care needs of the children.

The children are housed in separate residential halls for the boys and girls. The children are fed three meals in monastery dining hall. The ashram has cultivatable land and grows vegetables and other staples, thus are partly self sufficient. The school is housed in several huts with partially raised walls, and requires monetary support to convert into enclosed rooms.

The Foundation invites any donor going to India to visit the orphanage and provide your feedback to the Foundation.

Please call the 'HELP-desk' at : 732-679-8497 for exact directions from Tirupati to Chinmayaranyam.


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