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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sponsor a Child !

Give an orphaned child the comforting shield of your care......
Sponsor a child !

With a goal of building up a fund worth 1.25 million US dollars, HELP currently supports 125 orphaned and destitute children at five different locations in India. It costs Rs.12000 (about $300) to support one orphan child per year. Once a child is admitted to the orphanage, usually at the age 5 or below, it is the responsibility of the orphanage to support the child until they finish High School at age 18.

To provide continuous support, the Foundation creates an endowment with $3000 for each child. The money will be kept in the bank under the control of the Foundation, and the interest earned will be spent to support a child. This will provide perpetual support for each child. We put together a flexible program for your consideration.

HELP relies only on the interest from the capital to support the 125 children. Thus we need $37,500 each year presently. As we do not realize this from yield alone, we supplement it by other “fund raising means” mentioned earlier in the process of finance flow.

Nevertheless, sponsorships are a direct means of helping orphaned and destitute children grow up into respectable global citizens.

Come on…..add a COLOR of HOPE to a child’s life !


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HELP currently supports 125 orphaned and destitute children across India through its sponsorship programs.

Be a Volunteer.... Join the HELP Movement !!!


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